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Established in 2016, Southbrook Academy was created by a small team with a vision to provide international, world class education in Talisay, free from the daily commute into Cebu City. Southbrook Academy is a non-sectarian private school that specializes in blending international learning philosophies with the standard Department of education curriculum.

The school offers tailored learning programs for Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten, and Grade Levels One through Nine with plans for extending into high school levels from 2020. The environment we provide is ideal for the development of both personal enlightenment and academic attainment.

Southbrook Academy is privately funded by people with a pure passion for education. It is a client- focused center that provides broad based learning approaches with an emphasis on Psychological Adjustments and Positive Reinforcements.

Competitively priced and with a range of bursary, scholarship and family discount programs in place, Southbrook International School uses every endeavor to offer open access, regardless of the student’s background.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

Southbrook Academy, Inc. strives to give importance to value-centered teachings and international academic learning mainly through the interest and advancement of Science and Technology for the betterment of humankind.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Southbrook Academy, Inc. envisions an educational system that revolves around VALUES FORMATION and COGNITIVE ACADEMIC LEARNING geared towards Science and Technology based on international educational standards.

A Message From

Our Director

As an academic institution, Southbrook Academy (SA) has earned its beautiful reputation as a value-centered school geared at meeting international standards of education, steering towards advancement in Science and Technology whilst creating wonderfully wholesome experiences for students and parents as well.

Our school campus is fast evolving into a place where discipline, courtesy and respect and love for one another, stirred with a whole lot of fun while learning, is well recognized. It is a place where students look more at the similarities and beautiful harmony in cultures and ethnicity than their differences. A place where students take full focus in the quest for knowledge and life. In the face of complexities brought about by our fast paced and technologically driven society, SIS believes in holistically rearing its students with programs and approaches that go beyond the confines of the classroom and condition them for their coming phases in life. For at the end of the day, what is most essential is that a student eventually understands and accepts the diversity of the real world, and easily adapts to it.

This handbook is very important as it aims to serve as a guide for life within and without the premises of Southbrook International School. It also explains your rights and responsibilities as members of the SA family. But more importantly, this booklet more than anything else, is specifically created to facilitate in the discovery of one’s true self and his/her role in this wonderful world.

May each one of you realize and harness your potentials and live life to its best. And may each one of you be a beacon of what Southbrook International School is all about: GOOD VALUES, POSITIVE OUTLOOK IN LIFE and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN.

Vive la vida al máximo!

Georgie C. Genturalez, Jr.
School Director

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Location: 3334 Sitio Pungsod Lawaan 3, Talisay City Cebu, Philippines 6045

Telephone: 384 – 5260

Email: southbrookschool@yahoo.com

School Hours: Mon to Fri – 8:00am to 5:00pm
(Saturday and Sunday Closed)

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