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” Good day!

Nearing two months since the suspension of classes and quarantine has been implemented, uncertainty and anxiety brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic evidently lingers still. Needless to say, all efforts and means have been exerted to accomplish remaining responsibilities and deliver expectations. However, our decisions and actions are impeded by certain restrictions and limitations and are currently reliant on government regulations and declarations.

But despite the prevailing circumstances, Southbrook has always made it a point to emphasize and prioritize what is essentially beneficial to all, most especially for the common good of the students. Even as early as last March and before the declaration of the local governement on quarantine specifics, the school has drafted its first contingency plan to set precautionary and preventive measures to avoid having anyone infected with the Covid-19 virus.

In eventuality, more refined contingency plans were set by the school in accordance to executive orders set by the government. Thereafter, the school admin officers finalized the next phase of its contingency plans, which was focused primarily on its strategic academic direction.

With the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), there now is a need to review and update the contingency plan drafted. This document summarizes the update and continuity directions and programs of Southbrook:


Southbrook has continuously worked to ascertain the safety and welfare of our students and personnel as soon as news of an inevitable health outbreak was reported. As early as January, we have made announcements over growing concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus spreading. By February, meetings with faculty and staff were conducted to educate everyone on the new decease spreading globaly. And by March, strict health policies were implemented inside the school as preventive measures, such as: disinfecting and sanitizing of the entire campus, provision of hand washing and sanitizing agents, declarations and postings of precautionary measures and warnings around the campus and in social media, implementation of social distancing in campus, immediate cancellation of gatherings (graduation, recognition, and communion rites), as well as the eventual suspension of classes.

Southbrook has also been compliant with and attentive to relevant regulations and advisories from pertinent governement agencies and departments, especially the DepEd, DOH, DOLE, and even those of the Local Government Units.

Exemplifying good values and principles through which our school is founded on, Southbrook has given its fair share of contributions and donations to the frontliners, thru the good governance of the City Mayor, as well as to the families primarily and severely affected by this crisis. Moreover, despite the difficulties faced by our school, and with the sincerest and unanimous pledge of our Southbrook faculty and staff, we have organized free online learning programmes for all Southbrook and Non-Southbrook students and parents.

Regardless the challenging economic impact to the school, Southbrook has provided financial assistance to its personnel, albeit insufficient to be considered a salary. Nevertheless, Southbrook has set aside the imposition of the NO WORK, NO PAY policy, as we put weight on the importance and value of our hardworking and devoted employees, and pledge to work out a more reasonable payment scheme for its faculty and staff for the duration of the school year.”

Academic Alternative

Southbrook has just completed the 3rd quarter exams and was well on its way to holding the 4th quarter sessions when the suspension of classes was declared. Unfortunately, with the pandemic growing at an alarming rate, and after finding no apparent resolution on school matters in any current executive orders released by the governement, we find it compelling to end the 2019-2020 school year effective May 4, 2020. This way, we can move on, plan out and look forward to a more promising school year this coming 2020-21. Hereunder are the adjustments carefully worked out:



Final grades will be released upon completion of all requirements set by teachers per subject. For the final grading, the proposed Transmutation Grading Scheme by DepEd shall be the    basis in computing the grades.


4th Quarter Grade

The average of all grades from three (3) previous quarters shall be equivalent to the fourth (4th) quarter grade as follows:


 ( 1st quarter grade + 2nd  quarter grade + 3rd  quarter grade ) / 3  =  4th quarter grade

Final Grade

Needless to say, the average of all grades from First to Fourth quarter shall be the final grade of the student:


 ( 1st quarter grade + 2nd  quarter grade + 3rd  quarter grade + 4th  quarter grade) / 4  =  Final Grade

Academic Deadlines

Academic deadlines- teachers have been diligently working from home since the suspension of classes. All teachers have employed flexible learning options such as online classes and activities to ensure that the remaining learning competencies were met and that students were able to comply with pending requirements. Teachers have taken initiatives to hold further online activities to boost student grades and help particular students with learning challenges as they move up to the next grade level. Grades shall be available by May 20, 2020. And even further, teachers are more than willing to hold online tutorials and learning activities with students even after the effectivity of the end of this school year.


Intervention Plan

For the coming academic year 2020-21, the first three weeks of classes will be dedicated specifically for Refresher Programmes and assessment to make sure that students have the expected competencies facing their new grade level.


School Year 2021

Unless otherwise officially decided on by DepEd or any pertinent government office, Southbrook will set its opening date of the academic year on August 3, 2020. Classes will be provisionally held through online mediums only, until further notice. And even if in the absence of a DepEd contingency framework, Southbrook has already assumed a hybrid programme that can adopt to the current state we all are in at the moment.

Combat covid19

Continuity of Teaching and Learning

In an effort to ensure that Southbrook is ready once the new academic year starts, the following actions are ongoing:


Mapping of class schedules and teaching assignments


Revision and updating of curriculum and syllabus


Deliberation on new learning plans and instructional mediums


Revising of Student and Employee Manual


Assimilation and implementation of Hybrid Programme (in case ECQ is extended, or otherwise lifted in the middle of the school year)


Continued implementation of the online learning programmes for summer (upon resumption of online classes by the provincial/city government)


Webinars and online workshops for teachers


Academic Regulations


Work Arrangement of Faculty and Staff

Southbrook faculty and staff shall be working from home via official online mediums Edmodo for students, and Zoom for Staff meetings. Regardless, teachers are still given the prerogative to  choose their online medium for online learning



An electronic clearance slip will be sent to all students effective May 20, 2020 prior to enrollment or transfer to another school

Moving Up and Graduation Rites

As per ordinance and precautionary measures set, mass gatherings are strictly disallowed. Hence, in the interest of the well-being of all concerned and the certainty of this new normal, Southbrook has decided to cancel the Recognition, Graduation and Moving-Up    Ceremonies for academic year 2019-20. This does not, however, deprive our students from having their names in the graduating and moving up list announced and posted. Therefore, a list of graduates, as well as students recognized for their academic and non-academic achievements shall be posted on our school bulletin, school website and social media.


Only 20 students will be admitted per class, regardless the grade level. Old students will be automatically registered for the next school year, unless a process to transfer is requested by the parent/sponsor for a particular student.

While ECQ is still upheld, entrance/assessment tests will be conducted online, monitored by a Southbrook representative. All necessary documents should be ready by the time said tests are conducted.

Upon lifting of ECQ, a student may be allowed with only one accompanying adult to visit the school for assessment.

Applicants who have pending online transactions with Admissions can either call or email for advice.


All old students, unless with pending account balance, are qualified to enroll as soon as the Enrollment period resumes.

Parents may pay online and deposit payments to the following accounts. >>>

*Once payment is made, kindly send us a copy of your deposit slip to:     southbrookschool@yahoo.com or message us through our facebook page.

**Students with pending balance from the previous school year will not be allowed to re-enroll or be given transfer forms as pre-requirement in other schools.

Southbrook Academy,Inc.
Southbrook Academy,Inc.
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Georgie C. Genturalez, Jr.
Recovery of Personal Effects and Surrender of School properties

Release and return of students’ personal effects left behind in the classrooms before the suspension of classes, as well as the return of borrowed school properties (library books, laboratory materials, etc.), will be announced upon relaxing of the current ECQ policies

For Further Enquiry Regarding Recovery of Personal Effects

For further details or inquiries regarding this matter, please reach us through the following:

Landline: 032-5134106

Mobile Numbers: 09272332137 / 09397581595

Send us a private message through the Souhtbrook Academy, Inc. Facebook Page

or check out our website: www.southbrook.edu.ph or email us at southbrookschool@yahoo.com

We pray that this Recuperation and Continuity Plan provides a tinge of hope and a silver lining in these uncertain times. Rest assured, the Southbrook family remains strong, and is at its best, more than ever, when facing challenges. We thank you for your continued support, understanding and consideration as we tread further with clear determination and confidence amidst this pandemic.

“Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.”

– Catherine DeVrye

Office of the Director



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