Student Enrolment Form

Attention for Students!!

Before filling the Student’s Enrollment form, click the button below to view the Agreement and Learning Mode choices you will have for your child(ren). After reviewing this document, proceed with the form below.

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    In case of an emergency and the school is unable to contact the persons stated in the EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION, he/she shall be taken to the clinic or the school office specified below by the parent or guardian. Please select student's Allergic Reaction to (You can select multiple options):

    [checkbox checkbox-Allergies "Food" ""Cat's Hair" "Dust" "Pollen" "Other" "No Allergies"]

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    For Students with official guardian, Please secure special power of attorney and submit it before official start of the year:

    Payment: You have two choices. You can either pay via PayPal. Or, you can send us a proof of payment receipt for any alternative method you have used. (Optional)

    Enrollment Fee:

    If paying by alternative fund transfer method, please attach a copy of the receipt:


    By checking the box below you will agree to the terms and you will initiate the THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESO (PhP3,500.00 ) enrollment fee through any of our payment options hereunder. *If you are paying by a different method, kindly ignore the PayPal redirect*