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Southbrook Academy, Inc.

Established in 2016, Southbrook Academy was created by a small team with a vision to provide international, world class education in Talisay, free from the daily commute into Cebu City, Philippines.

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About Us

Southbrook Academy, Inc. is a non-sectarian, private school located in a sparsely populated and secluded area in Talisay City, deemed ideal for educational enlightenment and attainment. We are a high standard private school composed of Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten, and Grade Levels One to Ten. Southbrook Academy Inc. is independently funded by people with a pure passion for education.

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General Provisions

All students are required to follow and comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the school’s Student Handbook. All students should be familiar with  its contents. Ignorance of any provision in the Student Handbook does not excuse any student from being sanctioned for non-compliance.

Southbrook Academy, Inc. is a non-sectarian school. However, the school will defend and respect the right of every student to practice his/her own religious faith provided that it does not entail harming or causing injury to others. No student shall be allowed to disrespect other student’s religious beliefs.

The entire SAI Campus is a Non-smoking Zone.

Students are expected to be polite and courteous towards all persons within the school premises at all times.

Academics Areas


  1. Create a foundation based on Discipline, Respect, Honesty, Kindness and Love, that would emanate from within the students and ripple over the life of everyone they touch;
  2. Set the students to be epitomes of good, responsible and well-mannered Southbrookians.

Livelihood Education

  1. Develop in every student the basic skills in home management, entrepreneurship and other various occupational opportunities for them to become self-reliant;
  2. Intensify the love for manual work that contributes to the effective personal, family and community building.


  1. Equip students with deeper understanding of digital literacy to enable them to navigate in today’s Information Communication Technology – driven environment;
  2. Develop students’ critical thinking and decision-making skills to practice safe, responsible, and ethical behavior in the use of technology and information resources.


  1. Develop mathematical proficiency which can be of practical use by students when exposed to the real world;
  2. Hone students’ skills and ability in problem solving and decision making in order to become proactive; and
  3. Harness students’ numerical literacy in their everyday life challenges and opportunities to face the needs of a rapidly changing society and respond to environmental and global changes.

English & Literature

  1. Develop the student’s competency in speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension necessary to express ideas, beliefs, and aspirations;
  2.  Provide opportunities that broaden a student’s interest, understanding, appreciation and use of the language as an effective tool for community and peace building and other advocacies;
  3. Form opinions/judgments effectively in accordance with fundamental values;
  4. Develop the student’s critical thinking skills in evaluating the cultural bases and social issues in the different literary texts; and
  5. Provide the student with a variety of literary materials that demonstrate moral and philosophical values that will serve as bases in his/her relationships and involvement with other people in school and in community.


  1.  Lay out opportunities for the application of scientific prowess, and process a fathomed understanding of scientific concepts entrenched in everyday life;
  2. Create an atmosphere of studying, nurturing, maintaining and sustaining nature’s resources; and
  3. Develop in the students the culture of excellence and challenge them to become inquisitive, responsible, and relevant individuals.
A Letter

From Our Director

As an academic institution, Southbrook Academy (SA) has earned its beautiful reputation as a value-centered school geared at meeting international standards of education, steering towards advancement in Science and Technology whilst creating wonderfully wholesome experiences for students and parents as well.

Our school campus is fast evolving into a place where discipline, courtesy and respect and love for one another, stirred with a whole lot of fun while learning, is well recognized. It is a place where students look more at the similarities and beautiful harmony in cultures and ethnicity than their differences. A place where students take full focus in the quest for knowledge and life.


Georgie C. Genturalez, Jr.